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we make building with high standards sustainable and accessible

Polycare offers superior durability, sustainability and speed when compared to other building methods. 

Our mission is to drive empowerment and a circular economy that makes sustainable building developments accessible in Namibia. We believe in a new way of building that tackles the current and future challenges we face globally, which inspired the design of our Polyblocks.

The possibilities offered by this invention have a profound impact on the traditional value chain, and we invite developers, architects and engineers to collaborate in revolutionising the construction industry. 


Polyblocks revolutionise the way we build.
Simple, efficient and environmentaly friendly.

The blocks are our core product that we produce in our factory in Brakwater and are made of polymer concrete - a material that is four times as strong as conventional cement-based concrete.

This allows us to innovate on the geometry of the blocks to get them a smart shape and structure. Thus, we are able to build every building by needing only five different blocks shapes.

The Polyblocks are stacked on ground bars that also incorporate the threads. The upper end of all construction blocks consists of ring beams for a form-fit connection with the last block row. 

For more information, visit our technology section.

How does it work?

With a total of five basic blocks, all straight wall surfaces can be easily created in almost any geometry. All building physics standards are achieved with a friction-locked bond for permanent use or a corresponding screw connection.

For your individual project we are able to calculate the best configuration / set of polyblocks that you need. 


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