Simple, efficient and environmentally friendly.

The starting point in the overall concept for the development of stackable emergency or permanent accommodation made of polymer concrete are the MAS components, where MAS stands for Modular Assembly System. The upper end of all construction elements consists of a head attachment for a form-fit connection with the following block row. The elements can be stacked almost seamlessly. Inside the MAS element there is an insulation core.

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Variable & Flexible

Many of the houses designed by PolyCare are „starter homes“ with the option of future expansion. Normally an extension to existing buildings is a complex undertaking. Every PolyCare house can be painted or plastered after construction. It is also possible to add paint during the production process.

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Scope for more

Normally an extension to existing buildings is a complex undertaking. The base strips of the MAS-Systems make it possible. In addition to the design of PolyCare houses, a form of differentiation in different colours or individual exterior wall structures can be created.

With a total of five basic elements, all straight wall surfaces can be easily created in any geometry.

With a friction-locked bonding for permanent use or a corresponding screw connection for temporary construction, all building standards are achievable. Due to the structural-physical properties of polymer concrete blocks, and their low weight the foundations do not require to be deep.

The horizontal base plates can be fixed to a shallow raft foundation. In practice, however, the nature of the ground will dictate what type of foundation is required.

Special threaded sleeves are cast into the base strip to anchor the connecting elements. The baseboards are connected to each other by means of steel brackets and screws.

A series of further construction elements, such as window and door lintels as well as window sills complete the program and thus allow the erection of even complex buildings in the simplest manual work without skilled workers and without heavy construction equipment.

Modular building & multiple floors

PolyCare has built a two-storey concept house in which stairs, ceiling and roof are also made of polymer concrete. The building was erected in six days. The technology is ideal for modular or step-by-step construction, as the simple and adaptable wall system components require no mortar or adhesive.

Multi-storey buildings can be realized with the MAS elements, provided that the appropriate permits are obtained.


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