MAS-EASY - So that we are compatible

MAS-easy is a software developed by PolyCare for the conversion of standard architectural plans. With MAS-easy it is possible to transfer the building planned by the architect into the structure of the MAS blocks in short time.

The result is the editable visualisation as well as a multi-colored building plan, which determines the different MAS block types and positions in the building plan. This makes building a "child's play". The software plans all further steps for production, such as purchasing additional material, delivery planning, logistics, statics, etc.

The software also provides a tool for the planning of the production process. In the future, everyone will be able to plan their own house to place an individual order.

shot1550486082-ae40599e MAS-EASY - So that we are compatible - PolyCare Namibia

Converting to MAS blocks

shot1550486515-d95e3bf1 MAS-EASY - So that we are compatible - PolyCare Namibia

Building plan in construction view with different stone types


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